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What's The Gay TV & Video Network? - Gay TV and Video Center is a collection of the best lgbt and gay videos. As a member you can submit video to the site and comment on videos that have been posted. Here is how it works, Not all submitted video get posted. We keep the site fresh with the best content. So, we only post the best of the last 200 videos submitted. In this way there will be fresh content on the site and we remove the old content. Gay TV and Video Center is a social network. It contains embedded videos that our members and editors have submitted. We hold no copyright to any video. It has been added to our collection because the video poster has permitted embedding via the video itself. If you're the owner of a video and would like it removed. Just ask, and we will.  If you have a video that you would like us to consider for feature, please join the network and submit the video for review.  Then contact us directly and let us know.  We would also be interested in featuring "Live" shows. and are sisiter sites and brought to you by


The Gay TV & Video Network and The
Connect Social Network are two seperate platforms.  You're Welcome To Join Both Platforms.

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 Gay Tube - It's Like Gay TV
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 Gay Video Stream Group
A Group From The Connect Social Network Where Members Can Search Videos They Find On The Web Comedy
The Comedy Tube Network Is A Not Part Of The TV & Video Center.  It does not have a 200 video limit like this featured network does.  This was our orginal gay space platform that we turned into the Comedy network.