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Gay Ad Network will sell your online banner advertising to national advertisers. Join other quality publishers who have made Gay Ad Network their online sales representative. Publishers that attract a gay or lesbian audience are welcome to apply.


Gay Ad Network is the category leading gay media network. We provide online advertising and media services to companies targeting the gay and lesbian market. Our network is comprised of popular gay and lesbian web sites, blogs and social networks and offers greater reach
, improved relevancy and more efficiency than other gay media solutions.


Gay Ad Network Search Marketing takes the complexity out of Internet advertising for local businesses. We will create your ads, manage your keyword bidding and optimize your Internet advertising campaign affordably and comprehensively - across Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft networks.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What revenue models do you offer?
We focus on CPM (cost per one-thousand impressions) and sponsorships (a fixed rate over a defined time period). If we are unable to sell your ad inventory at a minimum effective CPM that you set, we'll make sure that your inventory is redirected to an alternative ad service that you select such as Google.

What kind of CPMs do you offer?

CPMs will vary significantly based on your audience profile and how your inventory is categorized. Highly produced, unique content tends to generate the highest CPMs, while member generated community content and member profile pages tend to generate lower rates. With a larger network, we can attract more advertisers. Our ad serving platform is designed to help optimize revenue for publishers by letting advertisers compete for inventory. So the highest bidder wins.

What are your payment terms?

Publisher payments are made monthly, 60 days after the end of the month that a campaign was delivered. It is our responsibility to deal with collections from advertisers and agencies.

Can I block ads from my site for any reason?


What other sites Gay Ad Network work with?

As the premier gay online advertising network, we work with only quality publishers. Our network is growing quickly as publishers reap the benefits of aggregating their audiences on the Gay Ad Network.

What is the minimum monthly impression level to join?

There are no monthly minimums.

How long does it take to be approved to join the Gay Ad Network?

Approval typically takes less than 48 hours.

Is there a cost to join?

There is no cost to join the Gay Ad Network.

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