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You are welcome to add your site to our Search.  Your site must meet our requirements to be added:

  • Your site must pertain to the gay, lesbian or bisexual community.
  • If it is a pay site we will need an access code to verify you meet our requirements.
  • Content of the site must be legal in the U.S and meet Google user requirements.
  • Your site will be listed for free, but you must place a link to on your home page or a page that has a link from your top menu.  A simple text link would do (examples at  Link To Us ). Provide us with the URL to the link on your site. The link placement will be checked when you submit this form.
  • The link must remain in place or your listing will be deleted.
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  • You can use our banners in your web site as you wish.  We ask that everyone does this.  It will help bring traffic back to your web site.
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  • How does placing our link on your web site help bring you Traffic?   You now have all the other web sites here advertising for you.  Just as your traffic comes to the site, so does theirs.  Intern you get your web site advertised for FREE.

We are sorry we had to remove our normal form email system. This is because of RUDE People who send us spam.  That is why you have to now send it though your email client.  We personally hand approve each submit.  If you do not meet our requirments you will not be added.

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